Are you preparing to run the Dublin Marathon?


1) Preparation:

Hopefully, you have all put in the time building up the volume steadily over the past few months, to allow your muscles and tendons accommodate to the increased stress caused by long distance running (especially all you first timers!) A good balance of strength training and graduated increases in distance running, plus working on your running technique, is the best way to prepare for long distance events, and this may be something to bear in mind as you embark on future events. However, at this point the work is done, and it’s important not to try out anything new on the day (new runners, new running style, trying to significantly reduce your estimated time unless you have specifically trained for that!). Make a plan for the race thats realistic, and enjoy the event!

2) Warming Up

As with all forms of exercise, a good warm up is essential. Ensure you have sufficiently warmed up pre run. Before your run you should warm your muscles/joints by jogging and performing a dynamic warm up, and incorporating dynamically stretching/mobility work into this. Jogging, calf raises, lunges, mountain climbers and squats are a good example of some basic warm up exercises you can use pre race.

3) Cooling Down

After your run, finish with static stretches to relax and lengthen those overloaded muscles. Calf, Quads, Hamstrings and Hip stretches should be the primary focus. All stretches should be held for at least 30 seconds. Relax into the stretches, and don’t force it.

4) Foam Rolling

Pick up a Foam Roller and work on releasing tightness in your lower limb pre & post race.