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[tabs tab1="Declan Caroll - Masters Strength" tab2="John Heneghan - Field Athlete" tab3="David Walsh" layout="horizontal or vertical" backgroundcolor="" inactivecolor=""] [tab id=1] My name is Declan.   I am in my mid fifties and my job takes me abroad45 weeks of the year. That means a lot of Aeroplanes a lot of Hotels andRestaurants and a massive amount of luxury food.   For the last few years my activity levels had become sedentary and my waist line had grown substantially.My Sons persuaded me to contact Albert Kehoe about getting back into shape and I never realised I was in for such a treat.   Albert, a Chartered Physiotherapist, runs a training program for “Masters men” out of Crossfit Dublin Blackrock, and I got in touch about getting started. Within a couple of weeks of joining the program, my health had begun to improve. I began learning good movement from the very outset. Mobility is a key part of the training and lifting weights with proper technique, helps to activate muscles as they are designed to work. I had very quickly learned the importance of correct posture, whichhas brought incredible comfort to me when sitting for hours in an aeroplane seat. I get such a buzz while training within the group environment, that now when I am away I am longing to get home for my next Gym session. No flakey gym work, just pure honest hard work.   The results: In the last year I have dropped 14 kilos & several notches on my belt, I have increased my stamina and energy and enjoy an overall increasein well being. Training within a group brings many benefits. Over the past year we have grown a group of middle aged guys that encourage each other to train and improve our overall health. We have established anexcellent competitive spirit, and I can say I have gained a great bunch of new friends. The most important thing we have all learned is the correct use of Gymweights, and a far more satisfying attitude to exercise. The Paleo challenges we have run has us all focused on a much healthiereating regime which has all of us losing weight.   Magic - Thank You Albert. [/tab] [tab id=2] Name:John Heneghan   Sport: Hurling   Age: 29 (Just :-))   Pre-CrossFit: I had played at every level in Hurling for Waterford and enjoyed playing Gaelic Football, soccer and squash as well. At the height of my playing career in 2005 I played in a Fitzgibbon Cup final for the University of Limerick, played some early season games for the Waterford senior hurling team, played for Waterford in the U21 championship and was at the forefront of my club senior hurling team in Lismore. In 2006, I graduated from UL and moved to Dublin, where year on year, I played less and less Sport. I got a job and used this as an ‘excuse’ to miss training until I got to the start of February 2012 and I had turned my athletic body from 2006 into an overweight 13 and a half stone. The decline was gradual but before I knew it, I was injured more often, less competitive in games, has less speed (my main asset) and my fitness levels had seriously decreased. I never had another trial with Waterford and I struggled to make my club team every year since 2006 until I decided to change.   How I re-discovered Fitness: In 2012 I made the decision to get fit again and put my health first. I turned up to a Gaelic Football session in Island-bridge in Dublin (I thought it was meant to be hurling) on a cold February evening and at the end of the session (where I nearly collapsed a number of times) the trainer announced that there was a free trial at this new gym in Blackrock where the training was different. I said I’d give it a go. Hello CrossFit Blackrock!!   The location for training - CrossFit Dublin - Blackrock: The first night in (CFD) was unreal. I had never experienced anything like it before. The session was broken into a 10 minute warm up, a 25 minute strength work session and a 25 minute “blow-out”. The first thing we were introduced to was the core principles behind CrossFit, focusing on 13 key physical attributes, the main ones being Speed, Agility, Strength, power etc etc. The coach on the night (and our coach ever since) was Albert Kehoe, A physiotherapist from Wexford who is coaching and competing in CrossFit. I’ll come back to Albert (Al) later. After we received a briefing, the warm up consisted of stretching in a manner I never did before… crawling up and down the gym to open our hips, Inch worms, downward dogs and a whole host of other stretches I had never done before. After the 10 minute warm up I was sweating nicely. Then we did a strength session focusing on technique even more than weight (in the beginning anyway) and then came the “blow out”. If I remember the first night, I believe it was something like 10 wall ball squats followed by 8 burpees, followed by 10 hand release press-ups followed by a 400m run to be repeated 4 times with a 2 min break between each set.   Gradually over the weeks and months I ramped this up from once a week to 2 – 3 times a week training under the “Field Athlete Program”. The Field Athlete Program focusses on exercises that particularly benefit field athletes like me. The sessions kept the same structure each week but the sessions were never the same. 10 minute warm up with ‘awesome’ joint opening stretches, a technical and heavy strength portion lasting between 20 – 25 mins and a blow-out at the end. The blow outs usually incorporate weights and cardio and really burns every time.   After about 2 months of this I began to notice a change, the weight started to come off and I began to feel more confident on the pitch. I was stronger through the core and able to compete again. Everything we do in the Field Athlete Program in CrossFit focuses on technique, flexibility, power, speed, strength and endurance. So throw in a little skill from the sport you play and you have a serious competitive advantage. You will notice your core significantly strengthen, your muscles develop and your health improve. I certainly did.   Why is the Crossfit field athlete program different?: There are tonnes of ways that the CrossFit is different to your normal gym or bootcamp but the main ones are:   The Coaches: Our coach Albert Kehoe is a phenomenally fit man himself and has the insight from physiotherapy as to how the body works. He coaches the field athlete program as well as other CrossFit classes. He explains each exercise in detail and really pushes you to the limit in order to get the best out of yourself “Go Hard or Go Home” The Field Athlete Group: The group I train with are a great bunch of people who all play(ed) different sports. We have a former international rugby player, an Olympic kayaker, an inter-county camoige player, a former dirt biker, a cyclist, an adverture racer, a few other rugby players, a few footballers and a few others, all of who have different takes on Sport and training and always provide a competitive nature to the session. (Note: I was well out of shape when I joined these guys’, so you don’t have to be fit to get started) The facilities: The facilities are amazing. It consists of a warehouse with pull up bars, free weights, rowing machines, wall balls, Olympic rings and bars, prowlers and lots more. You won’t find any treadmills here. The Enjoyment: Because every session is different, you always wonder what the session will entail when you are walking in the door. This added to the great coach, strong group mentality, focus and positive atmosphere make this so enjoyable.   Results from Crossfit “Field Athlete Program”: The results below speak for itself.
  • Feb 2012, I was overweight at 13st 7lb and I was over 20% body fat
  • By June 2012, I was 12st 7lb, down to 16% body fat and back on my senior club hurling team
  • In November 2012, I was down at 11st 10lb and I completed the “Sea to Summit” 60km adventure race in 5 and a half hours
  • In February 2013, I was doing CrossFit 4 times a week, pre-hurling season, and was made vice-captain of my senior hurling team
  • By April 2013, I am still 11st 10lbs and 12.9% body fat and between hurling and Crossfit, I am training 5 – 6 times a week and loving it
I cannot endorse CrossFit or the “Field Athlete Programme” enough. If you do it, you will become fitter, healthier and happier. Simple as that! Since I joined, my housemate Aislinn (the inter-county camoige player) and my brother Brian have both joined and have loved it as much as me. If you are reading this, my advice to you is get in touch with a CrossFit trainer and get started. You have everything to gain.   John [/tab] [tab id=3]   “I have been in Crossfit for nearly eight months and am thoroughly enjoying it. Things were going well and for the last number of weeks was really pushing myself. However, I started experiencing headaches after a tough WOD and then following any degree of exertion. The headaches were intense and would vary in their duration. From chatting to one of the coaches, it was suggested that I may possibly have some tightness in my upper shoulder and it was recommended that I get in touch with a physiotherapist. I contacted Eric and he was really flexible and managed to see me the next day. After three sessions, combined with more attention on stretching and mobility work, I am now back in Crossfit and headaches are completely gone. The tightness in my shoulder and neck has also been relieved. In addition, to the great physio sessions, Eric provided great mobility and stretching drills which have benefitted me greatly since back in Crossfit. Movements are better and I can now feel the correct muscles being engaged. Eric’s work on me and his sound advice have altered how I approach certain movements and (despite the headaches) has been a very positive experience. I would say to anyone with any pains/mobility issues and who wants to become an all-round better athlete, get in touch with Eric. ” [/tab] [/tabs]