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Working From Home – Neck and Shoulder Pain Workshop with Darren

Neck Pain Solutions 1 Darren runs through some of the common issues we see in clients with neck, shoulder and back pain, especially while working from home. Starting with some of the causes and contributors to neck pain, sometimes referred to as ‘desk neck’, we see that lifestyle factors can have a huge impact on […]

Mobility and Movement Competency

Mobility and Movement Competency  Your body is designed to move. The American College of Sports Medicine guidelines on exercise prescription (2011) outlined; ‘a program of regular exercise that includes cardiorespiratory, resistance, flexibility, and neuromotor exercise training beyond activities of daily living to improve and maintain physical fitness and health is essential for most adults.’   […]

Hamstring & Groin Release

Hamstring & Groin Release   Our hamstrings and groin can get tight from activities such as running but why does it affect performance and how can we fix it? Tight hamstrings can create a downward pull on your pelvis, which can lead to dysfunction of your Hip, Sacroiliac and Lumbar spinal joints. Furthermore hamstring tightness […]

Dublin Marathon Tips

Are you preparing to run the Dublin Marathon?   1) Preparation: Hopefully, you have all put in the time building up the volume steadily over the past few months, to allow your muscles and tendons accommodate to the increased stress caused by long distance running (especially all you first timers!) A good balance of strength […]

How to Release your Abductors

Are you struggling with attaining that deep squat or find yourself compromising your back to get there?   Following on from last week’s video on Groin/Hamstring release, we demonstrate an effective technique to loosen out the Adductor muscle. The Adductors are those muscles situated on the inside of your thighs. If you find that your lower […]

How to Build Strong Shoulders – Part 1

When building up your shoulder strength it is important to focus on the smaller muscle groups. Banded Face Pulls are effective exercises to do just this by helping to develop strong scapular & rotator cuff muscles. Check out our video and look to incorporate these exercises into your warm up/recovery programme.